My approach is equal parts intuitive freestyle and hyper-critical analysis. I love the combination of loose marks with moments of finesse and how they talk to each other. It’s never easy to get to the final composition though. The first idea always feels too obvious or rigid so I’ll keep digging until I find something more unusual. Sometimes I get lucky and things magically fall into place. But 9/10 times it’s a lot of building then destroying and crafting then uncrafting, until it feels a wobbly kind of perfect.

“Does it need more energy? Does it need more layers? Does it have presence? Should it feel more humble? Is it raw enough? Is it crafted enough? Maybe I should loosen it up? Does it have spirit? Is it boring? Have I taken enough risks? Does it looks too realistic? Is it borderline cartoon? Is it weird enough? Can it be weirder? Wait, what does it mean? Ok, am I finished now? What could make it better? Shit have I overworked it? Does it still excite me? Do I love it?”

The end result might look like a kid has slapped it together but every inch has been considered. My paintings have always been my babies.