Moving back to Sydney after living in London has been a much-needed breath of fresh air, literally. I remember dropping off my worldly belongings to a charity store in Hackney and stepping on the plane with just one bag, a depressingly light wallet but memory cards full of travel snaps. 

2017 was about replanting roots, rebuilding the basics and laying down some new foundations. And the past 12 months have been kind to me: I’ve met new friends, reconnected with old favourites, freelanced at some great branding agencies, started my own, moved off my mum’s couch into a sunny townhouse and found a deeper appreciation for this city and the people that make it home. Now the dust has settled, it feels like the right time to start painting again.

Back in 2012, I had a sweet studio setup in Surry Hills but after 3 painful months, I realised I was aimlessly pushing colours around. I was restless and unsettled so started writing to record my frustrations and I kept coming back to the same questions: ‘What’s my message, what am I trying to say?’ I didn’t have the answers, so I booked a one way ticket to find them.

During my travels I met people from different backgrounds who would share their ideas and worldviews. We’d talk about things I’d seldom encounter back home; conversations about astrology, witchcraft and veganism, chakras and crop circles and fluoride. ‘South Of The River’ was about my first year in London and ‘Cosmic Pilgrim’ was about the following years exploring Europe. But as I unpack my brushes and paints this time, the story I have to share is a spiritual one. 

I always thought my goal was to travel and find something out there. I guess after 4 years abroad, what I was really looking for was an inward journey. Funny thing is I didn’t have to move anywhere to take the first step. 

So here goes: New year, new stories and new paintings on the way.